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Dr Ulrich Friedrichson M.D.P.H.D

Medical Doctor & Researcher in Cellular Therapy & Gene Therapy
Medical Director & Owner of Praxis Hospital Friedrichson

Cellular Therapy, Gene Therapy, Biochemistry, Preventive & Regenerative Medicine

Dr Friedrichson has been doing research and treatment with embryonic and foetal cell extract therapy as well as for anti-ageing medicine, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic neurological diseases and other degenerative diseases since 1976. He prescribes Special Purpose Applications (S.P.A.) according to the needs or requests of individuals requiring specific treatments. S.P.A. is a combination of various cells in vials which are prepared to focus on rejuvenating and regenerating specific systems of the body. Dr Friedrichson believes that the integration of natural medicine, cell therapy and modern medicine are effective in his treatments.

Through his unending pursuit of education, private research and development, Dr. Friedrichson has over the years developed a reputation in the European Society of biological Tumor Therapy, German Psycho-social-oncology society, German Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine, American Society of Clinical Oncology and International Academy of Alternative and Anti-Ageing Medicine, just to name a few.

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