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ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy is originated from Germany and Switzerland and has been certificied by the International Association for Organ and Stem Cell Therapy Specialists of Swiss and German (IAOSS) and the German-France Society for Thymus Therapy (GFSTT).


This institution works with many well-known medical experts and preventive medicine communities to practice cell therapy based on clinical research, aiming to improve and strengthen medical care for patients with chronic degenerative diseases. It also provides up-to-date information on cellular therapy to professionals in the health care industry. In addition, the institution’s mission is to help more people through its international medical context, making it easier to access safe and effective treatments.



Founded in 2012, the community was originally dedicated to study of thymus cell factor in the treatment of cancer patients, and later promote cellular therapy in the medical community to benefit more patients. All medical members are mainly from Germany, France and European countries, and are engaged in or in support of cell therapy related professionals.

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