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ZÉLL-V is a leader in therapeutic cellular therapies for anti-ageing, beauty and optimum health established in Germany. Since then, ZÉLL-V has expanded from Germany to most of other parts of in the world, with image stores established in premium shopping centers. Today, ZÉLL-V is a renowned global brand with signature stores set up in various countries, namely Germany, Switzerland, the United States,UK, Singapore, U.E.A ,Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Lebanon as well as Taiwan, bringing health, vitality and beauty to countless people worldwide.

Brand Story

ZÉLL-V founded in 2007, is a series of cell-based high-tech health products that origin from Germany and ever last your health and vitality.”ZÉLL” is German, meaning cell, “V” means victory, and the two words add up to “the cell of victory”, which means the cell full of health and vitality, which is the meaning of ZÉLL-V. Today, modern medicine is changing with each passing day, but it is still unable to effectively fight against aging and chronic degenerative diseases. ZÉLL-V achieves the health, beauty and vitality of each person through cell therapy to initiate self-healing and cell regeneration.
ZÉLL-V is committed to promoting the meaning of health, knowing that health cannot be achieved by relying on a single product or medical technology. ZÉLL-V has trans formed from a typical traditional health and beauty service and cooperated with German medical experts to develop high-tech ZÉLL-V cell therapy and extended to comprehensive preventive medical care.


To create the miracle of “Always 25!”
To possess of the health, vitality and
beauty of a 25-year-old and
Enjoy the true quality of life like
everlasting 25-year-old


In association with medical and
wellness research teams,
We strive to develop high-quality
biotechnology products,
To fulfill the needs of the body, mind, and spirit
Create a better quality of life for all.


To be strictly disciplined and professionally
trained; With a caring heart,
Disseminate the latest wellness
knowledge and healthcare information;
To listen, answer and care about others
with our sincere hearts,
And together, promote the norms of care
and thus spread the warmth.


The exceptional success that ZÉLL-V has today is largely due to its unique business model – the ZÉLL-V 5 Pillars of Success.

Safety and quality are closely intertwined, as optimal patient safety can only be achieved with high quality of care throughout the complete patient journey. For more than 1,400 years, the Ancients have used placenta to promote general health. Its benefits include enhancing body energy, skin complexion and retarding the ageing process. As a health product, collaboration with professional medical experts elevates ZÉLL-V brand image, product quality as well as customers’ confidence. These international medical scientists, after over 70 years of scientific research, has formulated an exclusive cell therapy preparation to provide the human body with optimal restoration, thus meeting the need for health maintenance and anti-ageing worldwide. We provide a quality assurance for every stage in the life cycle of a medical product — from research and development, through prototyping and on to production. Critical failures are not an option in this industry.

Unlike the usual mainstream brands, luxury brands are characterized by high levels of customer loyalty, key features that define their identity and powerful associations with certain central intermediaries in the market for luxury products. These features mandate that the level and type of differentiation that luxury brands carry out be even more powerful, more distinct and more focused on the symbolic value that it offers to customers. Furthermore, The Healthcare industry is undergoing rapid change. All along, ZÉLL-V is being positioned as a luxury brand coveted by people from all walks of life through various channels – newspapers, magazines, television, billboards, V-Star Star Search contest, event sponsorship, signature stores set up in premium retail centers among others.

The healthcare industry is an ever-changing field that requires extensive skills and training. The development of a successful program is key to employee retention, competency, and the balance of work and personal life. There are many benefits that can be derived from a successful training and development program for both the employer and the employee. It’s well known that health care providers require special knowledge and skills in order to provide competent and safe care as well as to protect those who access the health care system. Thus, proper information and knowledge are continuously imparted to our staff and customers through seminars, one-to-one consultations and telemarketing. Proper education and training will enable the staff and customers to have a proper understanding of cellular therapy and health maintenance while building strong and long-lasting customer relationships.

Good customer service is important in every industry, but perhaps in none more than in health care. Health care professionals provide us their services when we are in our most vulnerable states. Customer service representatives help develop strong relationships with their clients and customers. In Zell-V, we have high levels of communications time between clients and employees and we are all about ensuring maximum satisfaction and convenience to patients. As we believe that patient satisfaction and our reputation go hand in hand. By serving customers with sincerity through telemarketing, tel-sales and after sales service, we help them to achieve a healthy lifestyle instead of merely selling a product. This helps to forge a long-term relationship with our customers.

Management and leadership are important for the delivery of good health services. Health care delivery and patient circumstances are constantly changing, and managers have to continue to learn new abilities and skills to keep up. The aim of good management is to provide services to the community in an appropriate, efficient, equitable, and sustainable manner. This can only be achieved if key resources for service provision, including human resources, finances, hardware and process aspects of care delivery are brought together at the point of service delivery and are carefully synchronized. Our staff play a crucial role in connecting the company with our consumers. By providing leadership to our staff, we help them find meaning in their work, obtain proper direction and opportunities for growth, and develop their talents so that they can advance together with the company.

Business Opportunity

There are two types of people and business those who help nudge innovation and discoveries forward, and those who help to accelerate innovation and development in the world. We are happy to make you part of both, as we help you being fully equipped with the latest German technologies in the field of cellular therapy as well as the opportunity to be a part of one of the pioneered companies in the field of cellular therapy “ZÉLL-V”.
This is in addition to giving you the ability to speed up innovation and tackle the world’s biggest problems. “If you’re not disrupting yourself, someone else will.” We run our business in about 16 different counties in 7 continents, different branches all over the world. We managed to do this by picking the world’s biggest problems, and now we offer you the world’s biggest business opportunities by solving a billion-person problem that you can make a dent in. Every year ZÉLL-V aims to provide the revolutionary treatments to everyone around the globe, and this is where you part comes in!
We encourage you to partner with us to help you make a complete and huge turn over in your life, your business as well as peoples’ life’s.
Why Healthcare is your next Business Opportunity?
Healthcare is a compelling trillion-dollar industry which is unaffected during the economy downturn as humankind had almost certainly always desired better health, vitality and greater beauty. The demand for health and wellness products and services has remained even stronger, with product quality and efficacy always remaining as the top criteria of consumer’s choice.

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