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Who is ZÉLL-V!

ZÉLL-V is a leader in therapeutic cellular therapy for anti-ageing, regenerative medicine and optimum health established in Germany. In collaboration with international medical and health organizations, ZÉLL-V researchers and scientists have developed a series of high-potent, cell-based, advanced, safe and effective cell therapy which meet the needs of anti-aging and diseases preventive. Since then, ZÉLL-V has expanded its premium cell therapy centers from Germany to most of other parts in the world. Today, ZÉLL-V is a renowned global brand established in various countries, namely Germany, Switzerland, the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Singapore, United Arab Emirates ,Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Lebanon, Iraq, South Africa as well as Taiwan, bringing health, vitality and beauty to countless people worldwide.


ZÉLL-V Rosemato is a series of premium phytocell
skin treatment made from powerful anti-ageing
actives and plant extracts.


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